Welcome to FreeSocial!

We're not here to collect or sell data, market things, or make money. (We may put up a donation link to cover server costs at some point in the future.)

Our aim is to provide a social forum/network for based individuals that allows users to share thoughts, news, have discussions, etc. without worrying about being shadowbanned or banned. Do not be mistaken though, we will ban when/where necessary - if your intention is to disrupt the website or harass users, then you will be banned. Period. Shills are not welcome here. Everyone* is welcome regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or other details that might make up one's identity. We have found that there is a pretty wide spectrum of based individuals. 

You do have the options to make groups, private groups, etc. We ask that you don't promote or plan violence on this site. These are turbulent political times, but we are all capable of being reasonable... or at least reasonably reasonable. That said, we have intentionally utilized offshore servers. We hope to avoid the de-platforming issues that are so rampant these days.

Suggestions, requests, recommendations? Feel free to message the admin HERE.


*Commies will be banned, just a quick FYI.