Made my first smartwatch faces last night!

Good news, a pretty anticipated feature is finally up! The "Link Preview" feature is good to go. Now any links, photos, videos, etc. that you share will be previewed/embedded in your posts on your wall & the news feed. 👌

I saw this in Barnes & Noble yesterday and thought, "What planet do these people live on?" I don't there is no planet on which Cuomo should be lecturing on "Leadership Lessons" re. Covid. Keep in mind, this was on the same shelf as Peter Strzok's "COMPROMISED" book. Yeah...

RedwoodsOrthodox Cuomo is an American Crisis

thedalmatianturtle Leadership lessons like how to kill the seniors in nursing homes? Those types of lessons?

Just added an internet points feature. Big development, internet points are very important.

In all seriousness though, you can find user points under a user's profile picture in their profile. The feature has already been rolled out for desktop users, the feature will be added for mobile users.

#InternetPoints ...Looks like the hashtags are working too.

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Does Trump still have an Ace up his sleeve?

Changed profile picture.
Changed profile cover.